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AAA Study Confirms Synthetic Oil Really is Better for Your Engine

It has long been debated by car owners whether the cost of synthetic oil is truly worth it. Synthetic oil first came on the market over four decades ago, and has been steadily on the rise in popularity, boasting incredible properties that make it superior to conventional motor oil.

Despite this, many vehicle owners still don't see the value—as many as 44 percent of Americans, according to an AAA…

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I Just Rinsed Off My Car: It Doesn't Need Washing!

Rinsing off your vehicle might work if you are in a hurry and need to remove some surface dust. However, the only way to ensure a clean, new-looking vehicle is to wash it once per week.

Dirt and grime, grease, and oil, sap and bird droppings all contribute to paint and surface damage if not removed on a regular basis. There are many recommendations that suggest a weekly washing for their vehicles...

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A Successful Road Trip

What makes for a successful road trip? Not too much to be honest. There are just a few tips you need to follow to hit the road en route to your desired destination.

Tip 1) Is your car built for the long haul? Your car may be a bit too aged and damaged to take on a long trip. Though some newer cars may get built better than those of the past and are far more durable, sometimes too much lifetime mileage may be an indicator that your car is not suitable for a long road trip. This is something…

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2017 Camry SE vs. 2017 Accord Sport

 Both stylish and sleek, customers find themselves torn between the Camry SE and the Accord Sport. When comparing the two models there is some key factors to look for.  Safety, convenience, and technology. The Camry SE offers 10 standard airbags vs. 6 airbags on the Accord Sport. Camry adds a driver, front passenger, and rear seat mounted airbag for added safety. When looking for upgraded technology the Camry SE provides you with touch-screen display that…
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