What is Horsepower?

The term horsepower is used when describing the performance speed of an engine. Obviously, 300 miniature horses are not inside your engine creating 'horsepower.' So, what exactly is it?

Horsepower was first invented by engineer James Watt to compare steam engine output to the power of draft horses. This measurement was coined 'horsepower.' One horsepower is the power needed to lift 33,000 foot-pounds in one minute. An average car has anywhere from 170 to 300hp. Thats anywhere from 5,610,000 pounds per minute to 9,900,000 pounds per minute. Cars do not weigh anywhere near five million pounds, so why do we need 170hp in a car?

Generally speaking, the more horsepower a car has, the faster it will be. This is why race cars are built to have a higher horsepower.

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