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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Oil Change

Regular car maintenance can keep your vehicle running smoothly for mile after mile in New Albany, but just how often should you change your oil for the best results? An oil change service doesn’t take long, but its results last for thousands of miles. And while the old rule of thumb was to change your oil every 3,000 miles or so, modern automotive technology has stretched that figure even further. Due to better engineering and better oil formulations, now you can expect between 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes! 

Recommended Oil Change Frequency

So, how do you know what oil change frequency works the best for you in Elizabethtown? Different vehicles have different requirements. A high-mileage commuter experiences different driving conditions than an off-roading adventurer, so it’s a good idea to ask the service department for specific recommendations. The technician can take your driving habits, car condition, and other factors into consideration. But generally speaking, you’ll need to schedule more frequent oil changes for the following:

  • Off-roading
  • Commercial driving
  • Racing
  • Heavy towing

What about synthetic oil? Synthetic oil is longer-lasting than conventional options, so you can get 7,500 to 15,000 miles out of your oil change. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what your car needs!

What if I Don’t Change my Oil?

Changing your oil is critical to keeping your car running properly. Your motor oil lubricates the engine, reduces friction, and prevents overheating. Over time, your oil becomes dirty and thick with age. This can cause the following issues:

  • Check engine and/or oil change lights illuminates
  • Knocking sound comes from the engine
  • Dark and dirty oil 
  • Smoke emits from the exhaust pipe 
  • Engine overheats

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Check your oil level once per month to keep an eye on your engine health. This will help you catch leaks in the system, as well as the condition of your oil.
  • Even if your car sits in storage in Lexington all year long, you still want two oil changes every year at the bare minimum. Oil breaks down over time, even if it doesn’t get used.
  • When you get an oil change, you’ll want a filter change too. If you’re doing the work yourself, feel free to stop by our parts department to find the right oil filters for your vehicle.

Schedule Your Service with Toyota of Louisville

Contact us at Toyota of Louisville with any questions about how often you should change your oil, and we’d be happy to help you find your ideal oil change frequency. We even offer service specials, so be sure to schedule your service appointment soon!

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