How to Prepare Your Home for an Electric Vehicle

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Preparing your home for a new car arrival is an essential step of the car-buying process, especially if you buy a Toyota hybrid or Toyota EV. EVs are becoming more and more popular throughout the Elizabethtown area thanks to their lower maintenance costs compared to gasoline models and substantially higher MPG ratings, but the delivery and storing of these cutting-edge vehicles can keep a lot of potential customers from investing. 

Nevertheless, if you prepare your garage with an electric vehicle home charger, as opposed to waiting to take your car to a distant electric vehicle charging station, you’ll always be ready to take your Toyota Venza or Toyota Prius Prime out for a spin on Lexington roads. Learn about the five simple steps you can take to prepare your home for an electric vehicle with the experts at Toyota of Louisville today! 

Step 1: Choose a Charging Level/Type

It’s important to learn about the different types of electric vehicle home chargers before you invest in a Toyota EV. Many home car charging stations are either Level 1 or Level 2. Take a look at the full breakdown of both types below: 

  • Level 1 EV charging often takes more than 24 hours to fully charge an electric car. 
  • Level 2 EV charging usually takes several hours to fully charge an electric car. You can often get between 60-200 miles of range in just 20-30 minutes with Level 2 DC charging. For this reason, most people intermix daytime “top-off” charging with overnight charging.

Step 2: Prepare Your Garage

You’ll want to organize your garage and get rid of any excess clutter before your Toyota EV or Toyota Hybrid arrives.

Step 3: Assess Energy Consumption Via Your Power Panel

The power panel in your house should be rated for a maximum amount of current flow, measured in amperes. Most modern homes come with a 100-amp power panel, however, there should be an amperage rating printed on your primary circuit breaker for specific details. It’s critically important to determine how much electric energy you consume before installing an electric vehicle charging station in your household. Too much energy consumption can overload your electrical system!

Step 4: Employ an Electrician

If you have any concerns about the power consumption of your Toyota EV or its charger, you should hire an electrician for consultation. A certified electrician can also help you install the hardwired circuit or 240-volt plug necessary for EV charging into your home’s power panel. Keep in mind though that this process can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $3,000, depending on the quality of your power panel. 

Step 5: Purchase and Install Your Electric Home Vehicle Charger

Once your garage has been cleaned out and your electrical system has been properly upgraded, you’re now ready to purchase an EV charger and have it installed by your preferred electrician! 

Find Out More About Electric Vehicles with Toyota of Louisville Today!

If you have any further questions about EVs, electric vehicle charging batteries, or how to get your home ready for an electric or hybrid vehicle purchase, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to fill you in on EV requirements and charging time, as well as provide you with the latest service information. The team members at Toyota of Louisville are here for you!

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