Are Hybrid Cars High Maintenance?

2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Driving Off-Road


If you’re thinking about picking up a new RAV4 Hybrid or a Prius, you’re one step closer to a better driving experience in New Albany! But, many shoppers have questions about hybrid ownership. Are hybrid cars high maintenance? Are hybrid cars expensive to maintain? To put it simply, no. Hybrids tend to have as much maintenance as any other car and in some cases, even less. Find out all about hybrid car maintenance costs in Elizabethtown and Lexington, and get more service tips with our Toyota of Louisville technicians.

Typical Hybrid Car Maintenance Cost

So, what can you expect from your new Avalon Hybrid or Prius Prime? Some aspects of hybrid car maintenance are exactly the same as any other car. Here is a brief overview of the typical hybrid car maintenance:

  • Oil Changes: You’ll need oil changes around 5,000 to 7,000 miles. The pricing for hybrid oil changes is usually the same as a standard oil change. 
  • Batteries: The biggest difference between hybrid and conventional vehicles is the battery. Both models have standard car batteries, but the hybrid also has a larger additional battery. This battery is typically under warranty for 8 years or 10,000 miles. 
  • Wear and Tear: Tasks like tire replacements and light bulb replacements will likely be the same as a gas-powered car.

Advantages of Hybrid Car Maintenance 

You may have heard that hybrid car maintenance can be cheaper than your average gas-powered model. Why is that? 

  • Increased Brake Life: Hybrid vehicles use a regenerative braking system to conserve fuel. This system uses your car’s momentum to charge the battery automatically, and it also takes some of the wear and tears away from your regular brakes in the process.
  • Longer Oil Change Intervals: While a conventional car uses the internal combustion engine all the time, a hybrid uses it alongside the electric motor. That means your engine gets a break from time to time, which means your oil change intervals might be slightly longer.
  • Less Overall Maintenance: Because your engine is working less than a conventional car, you might not need as much overall maintenance with your hybrid model. Less wear and tear means a longer-lasting vehicle – and cheaper trips to the service center!

Schedule Hybrid Car Maintenance at Toyota of Louisville

Want to check out the latest Toyota hybrid models? Or maybe you’re ready to schedule your hybrid car maintenance visit? Toyota of Louisville can help with all of your automotive needs in the Louisville area, so contact us for more information.


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