2020 Toyota Corolla MPG

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2020 corolla mpg

Few drivers find their next upgrade for New Albany touring and commutes without taking a close look at engine efficiency and fuel economy, which is why so many drivers turn to the new Toyota lineup. With its history as a comfortable, sleek, and affordable sedan, the Toyota Corolla has been a staple of Elizabethtown roads for years, and its ability to save at the gas pump has made a wealth of extra room in many budgets.

So, what is the MPG of a Toyota Corolla? Reaching up to 53 mpg city/52 mpg highway* with the Corolla Hybrid LE Trim, the Toyota Corolla MPG is truly exceptional. Even in sportier Toyota Corolla trims, you can expect great fuel economy paired with true performance. Learn more about the new Toyota Corolla MPG below with the Toyota of Louisville experts.

What is the MPG of Toyota Corolla per Configuration?

Naturally, the diverse needs of Toyota Corolla drivers around Lexington are met with a wide range of configurations. See below for the 2020 Toyota Corolla MPG ratings that meet your standards:

  • 2020 Toyota Corolla L: 30 mpg city / 38 mpg highway / 33 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla LE: 30 mpg city / 38 mpg highway / 33 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid LE: 53 mpg city / 52 mpg highway / 52 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla XLE: 29 mpg city / 37 mpg highway / 32 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla SE (CVT): 31 mpg city / 40 mpg highway / 34 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla SE (6MT): 29 mpg city / 36 mpg highway / 32 mpg combined*
  • 2020 Toyota Corolla XSE: 31 mpg city / 38 mpg highway / 34 mpg combined*

The Efficiency-enhancing Features of the Toyota Corolla

From advance notice thanks from driver-assist technology to finely-tuned engineering, the great Toyota Corolla MPG doesn’t end with the capable engine options:

  • A Sleek Exterior – Able to slice through the air quickly, the Corolla has been wind-tunnel tested to maximize efficiency in design.
  • ADynamic Transmission – Even at the base level, the new Corolla offers a wider range of gear ratios thanks to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).
  • Variable Valve Timing – To ensure balanced power and thus fuel economy, variable valve timing adjusts the timing of opening and closing of the valves. Included in most Corolla engines.

Add to those a host of Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) systems to make the most of city or highway travel. The effect of these systems on fuel economy is hard to calculate, but it’s clear that features like Dynamic Radar Cruise Control maintain traffic speed and apply judicious braking when necessary will inevitably increase efficiency and reduce wear on your vehicle.

A Closer Look at the 2020 Toyota Corolla LE Eco

With a 121-hp 1.8L four-cylinder engine with Valvematic technology, the LE Eco brings a smart combination of efficiency and power to your travels. Three driving modes adapt to any climate or driving style, and the ability to access the full dynamic of the Toyota Corolla MPG ratings is essential on road trips or bumper-to-bumper traffic. The Corolla Hybrid LE Eco redefines the possibilities for compact cars, and its ability to save you at New Albany gas stations means more room in your budget to plan that next great getaway.

Visit Toyota of Louisville to Explore the New Corolla

When asking, “What is the Toyota Corolla MPG,” it’s clear the answers are as varied as the Toyota lineup. Contact Toyota of Louisville to learn more about the possibilities of your next advanced sedan, or stop by Louisville to schedule a test drive and experience the Toyota Corolla first-hand!

2020 EPA-estimated mileage. Actual mileage will vary.