Check Out the Toyota Corolla iM Safety Features

October 17th, 2018 by

The Toyota Corolla iM is this year’s popular hatchback because of the safety features within.

Place the new Toyota Corolla iM into reverse and you’ll discover that you have the ability to clearly see all the happenings going on behind your vehicle. This means all you do is shift into reverse, and your center console screen is your eyes behind the vehicle, allowing you to clearly see anything in the path of your ride.

The all-new Toyota Corolla iM is designed to help you stay alert on the roads. The scanning software is always monitoring the position of the vehicle on the road, so if your car begins to drift outside the lane lines, the steering wheel starts vibrating until the vehicle is safely brought back between the lines.

The Toyota Corolla iM is here at the Toyota of Louisville and you can get it out for a test

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