Consider the Technology Found in the Toyota Yaris

December 19th, 2018 by

Finding a vehicle that is not only small but that is packed with new technology is important to you. The team at Toyota of Louisville understands that and we would love to introduce you to the popular subcompact from Toyota that is the Yaris.

Are you tired of turning a key in your vehicle in order to get that vehicle running? Do you feel like there should be advancements today that keep you from having to do that? The Yaris has the answer for you with a push button start system. You can easily get this vehicle’s engine running.

Is music important to you when you are on the go? Do you want access to satellite radio when you head out of Louisville? When you drive the Toyota Yaris, you can be connected to SiriusXM. You can have access to a number of different radio stations so that you can listen to any type of music you would like to listen to.

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