Keeping Safe in the Toyota Prius

November 29th, 2018 by

Safety features set the Toyota Prius apart from other hybrids on the road in Louisville. If you want more information about the Toyota Prius safety features, the experienced team at Toyota of Louisville can provide answers to your questions.

An example of the Toyota Prius safety features includes its high-tech Blind Spot Monitor. With the Toyota Prius Blind Spot Monitor, a motorist has a clearer view of what is behind the car when backing up. This can significantly reduce collisions.

Another of the safety features associated with the Toyota Prius is the rear cross traffic alert. Thanks to the rear cross traffic alert system a driver has a broad view of what is behind the vehicle when backing up. In addition, the Toyota Prius has an integrated backup camera that provides a driver a wide, clear, real-time view of what is behind the car when reversing.

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