The Toyota Care Service Keeps You in the Loop

March 14th, 2019 by

At our Toyota of Louisville location, we constantly try to find ways to help our customers and others to get the most out of their vehicles. One program that is available to many Toyota vehicle owners is the Toyota Care System. This valuable service offers many Toyota Owners a raft of useful maintenance centric services. Some of these services include specialized vehicle reports as well as comprehensive roadside assistance plans.

Some individuals who buy used cars from private owners must pay for their own maintenance history reports, but the Toyota Care system does this type of homework on behalf of owners. In addition to providing many Toyota owners with free of charge and top-flight maintenance services, this system also helps drivers to stay on top of maintenance visits by equipping them with vehicle service history reports.

The Toyota Care system also provides many other valuable services, not least of which is its 24-hour roadside assistance service. This service provides many vital vehicle resuscitation services that include lockout mitigation, electrical system servicing, and even vehicle winching during inclement weather or other emergency situations.

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