Toyota Tundra Safety Systems Save Customers Money and Stress

May 19th, 2018 by

Are you tired of searching for the right pickup truck to suit your needs? Our staff members might be able to impress you and your passengers with our latest Toyota Tundra models. Few systems can save local drivers money and stress in multiple ways like the new safety features on the Tundra. Part of every Tundra purchase, these systems reduce upfront purchasing costs.

The stress of everyday driving, especially if a pickup is used for work, can be reduced with Toyota’s Adaptive Cruise Control. This Tundra standard safely regulates the car’s acceleration and deceleration based on the distance between the truck and leader traffic. A lane departure assists and forward collision warning with auto brake reduces the likelihood of a collision, preventing costly damage and injuries. Fender benders are less likely with a rearview camera to guide the driver.

You can reduce your stress and move heavy loads with a new Toyota Tundra. At Toyota of Louisville, our knowledgeable staff can help you match your needs to the right truck.

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